Being Me

We are participating in the ABC’s mental health initiative, ‘Mental As’.  The ABC has asked  students across Australia & [...]

The boy who sits behind me…

Have you ever had to sit in front of someone at school who was really, really mean?  My father tells stories of dipping girls’ plaits [...]

Tell the Teacher

This post is for you to tell the teacher anything you would like to.  BUT you still may not use the word, “cool”!! [...]

Jokes, jokes, jokes 2014

Some of the Year 2 Champs have been really enjoying joke books from the library.    So I though you might like to share your jokes by addi [...]

First Aid Course

Our First Aid course last week taught us some important things.  We learnt about the difference between a problem and an emergency – [...]

Pyjama Day

A cold Winter’s day was the perfect time for us all to come to school in our jammies and dressing gowns and bring our gold coin donati [...]

The Gruffalo

We have really enjoyed the work we have been doing based on The Gruffalo.  After reading the book and seeing the play, we know the story re [...]

Mrs Mitchell’s Underwear

We started reading this poem after we’d been reading Jackie French’s book, Queen Victoria’s Underpants.  Did you know tha [...]


We have been learning a lot about arrays – how to make them, how to use them to add and to multiply.  We’ve even made array cit [...]

Cube Art

Okay, so our cube art isn’t exactly the same as cubism.  But we think it’s pretty good!  We spent a bit of time looking at 3D [...]
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