Tell the Teacher

This post is for you to tell the teacher anything you would like to.  BUT you may not use the word, “cool”!! [...]

Playing Pig – mental computation game

We have been playing Pig in class.  We don’t know why the game is called that, but it is a lot of fun.  And sometimes it’s fru [...]

Never Bring Your Crocodile to School

We are about to start our new Talk4Writing program.  Last term, we learnt about narrative writing and used the story Lost and Found by Oliv [...]


We have been reading Jackie French’s book, My Gran the Gorilla.  We have learnt that Jackie French includes wombats in lots of her bo [...]

Me on the Map

So just where do we fit on the map? We learnt today that maps can go from very small areas (like your bedroom, or maybe the classroom) to mu [...]

Day 2, Science Week – Edison comes to visit.

Another exciting day for the boy tribe.  Edison robots came to visit our class today.  Check out the video below to see the fun. [...]

Robots – Science Week, Day 1

Our theme for Science week on this very exciting last week of the term is Drones, droids and robots.  The wonderful Miss Anderson has organ [...]

Smarties for my Smarties

Using Smarties for fractions – what a great way to learn.  And yes, the boys got to eat the Smarties at the end too.  Here’s w [...]

Our History Walk

Today we went for a walk around the local area to see what clues we could find about the history of our suburb.  We stopped at the statue o [...]

What do you like to eat for lunch?

Many things are very similar in Australia and in the United States, but I wonder if what we eat is the same.  On this post share with your [...]

Our Old Fashioned School Day – Green Screen photos

  A huge thank you to the boys who dressed up for our old fashioned school day.  We are having a lot of fun!  Green screen technology [...]
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