Tell the Teacher

This post is for you to tell the teacher anything you would like to.  BUT you may not use the word, “cool”!! [...]

Car Crash Contractions

We know that apostrophes can be used for two different purposes – to show ownership or for contractions.  For our car crash contracti [...]

Junior Olympics

All the Year 2 classes participated in the Junior Olympics at school today.  There were 6 different team games for us to play, with about 1 [...]

We All Smile in the Same Language

Harmony Day is a great day to remember that we all smile in the same language.  We don’t need to know someone else’s language t [...]

Harmony Week Incursion

As part of our Harmony Week events, we participated in a hands on eco-science show on Aboriginal Survival Technology, presented by Philip Gr [...]

Crazy Hair Day

It’s hard to believe that Crazy Hair Day was nearly two weeks ago (and I’m only just writing the post)!  The term is flying by! [...]

Making Sushi

Our language experience activity on Friday was to make sushi.  Language experience activities give everyone in the class the same activity [...]

Nano Bug Mazes

Making the nano bug mazes a couple of weeks ago was so much fun.  The video below shows us hard at work. [...]

A Snake in the Room on Friday

Raf the snake, Leanne and Abby this morning visited LA7. First Leanne got out the skin.  The girl’s skin was light brown.  The boy&# [...]

Making Patterns

We have been learning about patterns this week.  We know we can make patterns with all sort of thing – chalk, counters, blocks, stick [...]

Moon measuring

Welcome to our first post for 2017! We discovered that if you went to the moon, you’d be able to take steps that were five times the l [...]
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