Tell the Teacher

This post is for you to tell the teacher anything you would like to.  BUT you still may not use the word, “cool”!! [...]

Jokes, jokes, jokes 2014

Some of the Year 2 Champs have been really enjoying joke books from the library.    So I though you might like to share your jokes by addi [...]

First Aid Course

Our First Aid course last week taught us some important things.  We learnt about the difference between a problem and an emergency – [...]

Pyjama Day

A cold Winter’s day was the perfect time for us all to come to school in our jammies and dressing gowns and bring our gold coin donati [...]

The Gruffalo

We have really enjoyed the work we have been doing based on The Gruffalo.  After reading the book and seeing the play, we know the story re [...]

Mrs Mitchell’s Underwear

We started reading this poem after we’d been reading Jackie French’s book, Queen Victoria’s Underpants.  Did you know tha [...]


We have been learning a lot about arrays – how to make them, how to use them to add and to multiply.  We’ve even made array cit [...]

Cube Art

Okay, so our cube art isn’t exactly the same as cubism.  But we think it’s pretty good!  We spent a bit of time looking at 3D [...]

Noun Groups

A noun group is a groups of words which include a noun (a person, place or thing) and adjectives (words that describe a noun).  The Year 2 [...]

The Wombat – a poem

Ogden Nash’s poem The Wombat has given us the opportunity to learn new vocabulary, find interesting noun groups and practise our chora [...]
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