Tell the Teacher

This post is for you to tell the teacher anything you would like to.  BUT you may not use the word, “cool”!! [...]

What do you like to eat for lunch?

Many things are very similar in Australia and in the United States, but I wonder if what we eat is the same.  On this post share with your [...]

Our Old Fashioned School Day – Green Screen photos

  A huge thank you to the boys who dressed up for our old fashioned school day.  We are having a lot of fun!  Green screen technology [...]

Lost Penguin!

We have been doing a lot of work to do with penguins this term and have written some amazing poems.  But now Mrs W has heard about a poor [...]

Childhood Terror

Being able to make inferences is an important skill that helps us understand our reading. Knowing what a text is talking about even though i [...]

Car Crash Contractions

What do you get when two words crash into each other?  A car crash contraction of course!  A contraction is two words that have one or mor [...]

Technology, Old and New

New technologies certainly make our lives easier and often, more fun. But what about what used to be new technology? You may not even recogn [...]

How tall can we build the Cat in the Hat’s hat?

The Cat in the Hat was the motivation for this morning’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) activity.  We read the Dr Sue [...]


Marshmallow catapult making has been our latest language experience/STEM activity.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Ma [...]

Water Gun Measuring

Measuring is fun in LA4!  We took water guns out onto the basketball courts yesterday morning and fired them to see how far the water would [...]

Mega Maze Making

When we reflected on our maze making, some of the boys said they’d like to make a bigger maze.  We also noted that some of the mazes [...]
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