Fraction pizzas

Fractions… they are tricky things! To introduce fractions to the Year 2 champs, pizza making (and cutting) was the way to go one day l [...]


We’ve spent some time measuring over the last week or so.  At Year 2 level, the children are able to choose non-standard units with w [...]


Visualising is a strategy used be effective readers to help their comprehension. By seeing a movie in our mind, we are able to better unders [...]

Our Assembly

I’m sure that all who were able to attend will agree that the children in LA4 did a great job in hosting the first assembly of the yea [...]

Virtual Excursion to the Smithsonian Museum

 To continue our work on recounts, we made a virtual visit to the Smithsonian Museum today.  You can get there by clicking on this link.  [...]

Car Crash Contractions

A contraction is a word that is made from two other words, for example, can’t is a contraction of can not.  An apostrophe is used ins [...]

What’s in the bag?

We are currently working on recount writing.  A recount begins with a setting, moves onto events and finishes with a concluding statement. [...]


At our school, we spend a lot of time focusing on mental strategies to help calculate.  We have just started working on the strategy of dou [...]

Snake Lifecycles

After spending a couple of weeks learning about snakes, we used lolly snakes, marshmallows, bubble wrap and card to create these snake life [...]

Making Connections

Making connections with a text can give readers deeper comprehension.  We have been working on this important reading strategy in class ove [...]
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