Tell the Teacher

This post is for you to tell the teacher anything you would like to.  BUT you may not use the word, “cool”!! [...]

Day 2, Science Week – Edison comes to visit.

Another exciting day for the boy tribe.  Edison robots came to visit our class today.  Check out the video below to see the fun. [...]

Robots – Science Week, Day 1

Our theme for Science week on this very exciting last week of the term is Drones, droids and robots.  The wonderful Miss Anderson has organ [...]

Smarties for my Smarties

Using Smarties for fractions – what a great way to learn.  And yes, the boys got to eat the Smarties at the end too.  Here’s w [...]

Our History Walk

Today we went for a walk around the local area to see what clues we could find about the history of our suburb.  We stopped at the statue o [...]

What do you like to eat for lunch?

Many things are very similar in Australia and in the United States, but I wonder if what we eat is the same.  On this post share with your [...]

Our Old Fashioned School Day – Green Screen photos

  A huge thank you to the boys who dressed up for our old fashioned school day.  We are having a lot of fun!  Green screen technology [...]

Lost Penguin!

We have been doing a lot of work to do with penguins this term and have written some amazing poems.  But now Mrs W has heard about a poor [...]

Childhood Terror

Being able to make inferences is an important skill that helps us understand our reading. Knowing what a text is talking about even though i [...]

Car Crash Contractions

What do you get when two words crash into each other?  A car crash contraction of course!  A contraction is two words that have one or mor [...]

Technology, Old and New

New technologies certainly make our lives easier and often, more fun. But what about what used to be new technology? You may not even recogn [...]
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