Flying Carpets

The boys in LA4 soar high all the time, but especially on their magic carpets.  As part of our work on Jeannie Baker’s book, Mirror, [...]

Pirate Pictures

Ahoy me hearties!  Mrs Strickland worked with the boys to have them produce these amazing pirate pictures.  I’m glad they’re o [...]

Red-eyed Sea Monsters – Generalisers

Reports often have generalisers in them – sentences that start with words or phrases such as: Most… Many… All… Lots [...]

More from Mrs W

Hi boys, Thought I’d post some more photos for you. We are in India now, in a place called Orchha. Last night it was the end of a fest [...]

Hello from Mrs W

Hi boys, Thought I’d say a quick hello from India. Good to see you blogging today. I’m having a great time – here are some [...]


Volume – today we learnt that word doesn’t just mean to turn the sound up or down, it’s a mathematical term as well.  Vol [...]

Measuring Mass

We have been using the balance scales to compare the mass of objects in the classroom.  We had a variety of balance scales, some big and so [...]

Playing Pig – mental computation game

We have been playing Pig in class.  We don’t know why the game is called that, but it is a lot of fun.  And sometimes it’s fru [...]

Never Bring Your Crocodile to School

We are about to start our new Talk4Writing program.  Last term, we learnt about narrative writing and used the story Lost and Found by Oliv [...]


We have been reading Jackie French’s book, My Gran the Gorilla.  We have learnt that Jackie French includes wombats in lots of her bo [...]
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