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The following units of work have been developed by members of the Year 2 team at Bletchley Park Primary School in Southern River, Western Australia.  The team currently consists of Lia Long, Cathy Wolfenden, Heather Faulkner, Jess Snell, Kristin Chave and Michelle Davies.  Feel free to use and modify to your own purposes but please acknowledge the source of the units when using or sharing them.


How the Birds Got Their Colours – an Aboriginal Legend.  Unit author:  Lia Long

The Red-Eyed Sea Monster – Report writing.  Original text author:  Cathy Wolfenden  Unit authors:  Cathy Wolfenden and Jess Snell

The Emperor’s New Clothes – Narrative.  Unit authors:  Heather Faulkner and Kristin Chave

Never Bring Your Crocodile to School – Persuasive.  Original text author – Alison Aldersea.  Other resources – Cathy Wolfenden

Why Simple Forms of Communication are Almost Extinct – an Explanation.  Original text author – Cathy Wolfenden.  Unit authors – Year 2 team.

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