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Slides and Turns with Ozobots and Beebots

We have been practising our slides and turns with the ozobots.  We had instructions that we drew out of a cup, then we had to get the ozobo [...]

Part, Part, Whole – how numbers can be broken down in to parts

Recently we spent some time exploring the concept of part, part, whole.  A number can be broken into parts, which can then be added back to [...]

Our Nature Playground

We got to go and play on our nature playground for the first time today.  So much fun!  It was nice to have the chance for just our class [...]

Similes that Sizzle

We have been working on creating some really interesting and unusual similes, ones that put pictures in your head.  The children were given [...]

Car Crash Contractions

We know that apostrophes can be used for two different purposes – to show ownership or for contractions.  For our car crash contracti [...]

Junior Olympics

All the Year 2 classes participated in the Junior Olympics at school today.  There were 6 different team games for us to play, with about 1 [...]

We All Smile in the Same Language

Harmony Day is a great day to remember that we all smile in the same language.  We don’t need to know someone else’s language t [...]

Harmony Week Incursion

As part of our Harmony Week events, we participated in a hands on eco-science show on Aboriginal Survival Technology, presented by Philip Gr [...]

Crazy Hair Day

It’s hard to believe that Crazy Hair Day was nearly two weeks ago (and I’m only just writing the post)!  The term is flying by! [...]

Making Sushi

Our language experience activity on Friday was to make sushi.  Language experience activities give everyone in the class the same activity [...]
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