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When we talk about capacity, we are talking about how much a container can hold.  The boys know that when they measure, they need to use th [...]

Popcorn capacity

What sort of container can we make with one sheet of A4 paper?  This was the question posed to the boy tribe yesterday.  With a partner, t [...]

Flying Carpets

The boys in LA4 soar high all the time, but especially on their magic carpets.  As part of our work on Jeannie Baker’s book, Mirror, [...]

Pirate Pictures

Ahoy me hearties!  Mrs Strickland worked with the boys to have them produce these amazing pirate pictures.  I’m glad they’re o [...]

Red-eyed Sea Monsters – Generalisers

Reports often have generalisers in them – sentences that start with words or phrases such as: Most… Many… All… Lots [...]

More from Mrs W

Hi boys, Thought I’d post some more photos for you. We are in India now, in a place called Orchha. Last night it was the end of a fest [...]

Hello from Mrs W

Hi boys, Thought I’d say a quick hello from India. Good to see you blogging today. I’m having a great time – here are some [...]


Volume – today we learnt that word doesn’t just mean to turn the sound up or down, it’s a mathematical term as well.  Vol [...]

Measuring Mass

We have been using the balance scales to compare the mass of objects in the classroom.  We had a variety of balance scales, some big and so [...]

Playing Pig – mental computation game

We have been playing Pig in class.  We don’t know why the game is called that, but it is a lot of fun.  And sometimes it’s fru [...]
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